I’m looking to bring two worlds together. On one hand you have paper. It is a material known for its lightness, relative flexibility, and delicate nature.  On the other hand you have metal. It is a heavy industrious material born from fire breathing factories. A feeling of strength is automatically evoked when thinking of the material. It is synonymous with the industrial revolution and our county’s infrastructure. I aim to make a direct correlation with paper and steel.  My goal is to give metal the delicate quite nature of paper and give paper the strength and rigidity of steel.  I’ve stumbled upon what I think to be a great meeting place where these two materials could exchange characteristics and sometimes becoming one and the same. This common ground is known as origami.

My work has continued to evolve and has changed rather rapidly. I have within the last two years begun to incorporate CAD to assist in the design and prototyping of my projects. By harnessing the power of virtual design, I have now reached a level of extreme efficiency and preciseness. I can now work in larger scale and also virtually problem solve when it comes to installation processes, material purchasing, construction, and other normally unforeseen variables.    

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